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About me

22 year old photographer with 6 years of experience in photographic field


Lived in Zagreb and Slavonski Brod, Croatia for 19 years


Currently based in Den Haag, operating around the globe


Studying at Royal Academy of Art, KABK


Love everything about music, art, business and philosophy

workflow and inspirations


Photography is the only thing that completely puts me in a state of flow. There is no past, no future, only the present moment – this is why originally I started to take photographs.


I carry over interest and curiosity in studying how the world works from my previous natural sciences education. For me, photography is a tool for both introspective research and external exploration. I connect photography as a medium with curiosity about forms of a body, events, and individuals. 


One of my favorite aspects of photography is that I get to meet and interact with extraordinary people. I enjoy working with other artists, musicians and companies on creative projects while simultaneously achieving goals and combining artistic visions. 




Get in Touch

Instagram: @grejgok

Phone: +31 6 8110 4076

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